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War Against Big Brother in Iran:

The Appropriate Role of Media & Social Networking in Iran Uncertainty over the future of Iran has turned towards uncertainty over the role that social networking, blogs, and Twitter play in the instability there. Let’s make absolutely no mistake, any Iranian using any website (blog, Twitter, ect.) to criticize their own government is doing a […]

War Over Words in Iran:

Is Iran Facing Revolution or Reform? The Green Movement May Depend on the Answer The Green Movement in Iran has long been without leadership. In fact, since the initial protests in the wake of June 12’s disputed presidential election, the government opposition has been led by common people, and not by famous figureheads. Mir-Hossein Mousavi […]

Reporting in the Twitter Age

New Media: Reporting, Hype, or Hysteria? There are two major sources of instantaneous news: Cable News (CNN, FOX, MSNBC) and the Internet. I’ve talked a lot over the last few months about how Twitter users, like myself, constantly scoop the major news sources. Part of this is because the mainstream media doesn’t do a very […]