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Focus On Stories From Syria, Not “About” Syria

The whole world is talking about the possible military intervention in Syria. The internet is on fire with articles and debates, analysis and opinion. On Thursday, four articles that were promoted by many journalists stood out among the fray, however, because they didn’t talk about “Syria,” the nebulous concept commented upon and analyzed by the […]

What’s Wrong With the Media’s Coverage of Warzones?

What Journalists Could Learn From NASAPublic trust in the media’s coverage of important foreign policy stories is, in my very unscientific poll of my friends and colleagues, at an all-time low. From Syria to Libya, Iraq to Afghanistan, the public is occasionally made aware of fantastic instances of reporting, but the media’s overall coverage of […]

Syria – Another Brick in the Wall of Russia’s Isolation

This article was originally published on The Interpreter Russian Foreign Minister Sergey¬†Lavrov is often put into the position of defending the Assad regime against UN Security Council actions, and the accusations of the international community. Russia has attempted to place itself between the wrath of the United States and its key allies and the Assad […]