25 Bahman in Color (Videos & Pictures)

Videos and Images of Iran’s February 14, 25 Bahman Protests, and a music video inspired by them.

We’ll be uploading plenty of videos and pictures as the night goes on and we have a chance to analyze them. We want to make sure that we only post credible videos.

A Tehran street at dusk. This appears to be the same neighborhood as other videos that have been shot, perhaps near Enghelab Square (not confirmed).

This video shows people running down a major boulevard in Tehran. We can’t be certain, but it is likely that the people are running in the opposite direct of one of the major squares (Azadi or Enghelab). Reports were that protesters were walking towards the squares but met heavy resistance and were chased in the opposite direction.

In this video the crowd is singing in the streets in what appears to be Tehran. They appear bottlenecked, which would match reports that they were unable to get into the open spaces of the major squares.

Injured protester being carried away while debris burns in the street.

People are chanting “No Gaza, No Lebanon — Tunis, Egypt and Iran” before they are ambushed by Basij. A car can be seen driving over what appears to be a picture of Khamenei. There is another video showing that banner being burned by protesters.

People marching towards rallies (looks they are marching towards like Enghelab Square, but we cannot be sure) while chanting “”No Taliban, In Cairo and Tehran.”

“Mubarak, Ben Ali, Now It’s Seyed Ali [Khamenei]’s Turn” – This video has been treated with some skepticism, but it shows the same banner as the earlier video. They are either both fake or both real.

These pictures are courtesy of Enduring America:

We figured we’d start with something to fire us all up. A band that I have some connection to, [by the stone], released this music video, complete with some footage of today’s protests. The song is epic, the video is epic, and the people protesting in the streets are even more epic.

The message is simple: Ahmadinejad, Khamenei, and dicators everywhere – your walls are about to fall.

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