Archive | September, 2009

Iran's Nuclear Test

Sometimes even I am amazed at how our little conversation keeps proving to be cutting edge! As many of you are, no doubt, aware, Iran recently test fired a series of short, medium, and long (parts of Europe, all of the Middle East) missiles. This development, when combined with the recent discovery of Iran’s secret […]

Can You Date a Corporation Now?

Last night I had the pleasure of being on the Leslie Marshall show, a nationally syndicated talk show. The subject was a recent Supreme Court case which will determine, and I’m not really exaggerating here, the future of politics in this country. During the Democratic Presidential Primary, Citizens United, a nonprofit corporation, funded the making of […]

Paint the UN Green

The Green revolution in Iran has had an unintended consequence: The Iranian nuclear program. As a result of political pressure in Iran, the Ahmadinejad regime cannot afford economic sanctions due to their lack of cooperation with America and the UN. As a result, we currently have an opportunity to pressure the Iranian regime into changing […]