Archive | December, 2008

Lies We Sell Kids, part 1.

Many of us are fascinated by Loewen’s book, Lies My Teachers Told Me. It talks about a mythology, rather than a history, that we’ve passed down to our children. These textbooks and school lessons obscure ugly truths in order to propagate the image of an America that is clean, clear, unambiguous, and unembarrassing. I’d love […]

A Teacher's Day in the Clink

Today a good friend of mine took his high school seniors to the Dedham House of Correction. It was a fabulous experience, and there are many aspects that I could dwell on, including drug policies, prison recidivism, or even the educational opportunities that more teachers should take advantage of every day. However, I’d like to […]

You Are Not Welcome Here pt. 1

The White marble outpost, monument phalanx, American Parthenons, the watch towers for cracked cement, crumbling tree groves; I have come to this stone garden, den of flowers, in the season for flowers to grow no more, grow cold, and die. Concrete cracks in face of the bleeding autumn, but gods don’t live in the crack. […]